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  1. RandAlThor

    Chart Billboard top 20 of 2010-20 hey they know about Rv maybe SM could promote em.

    congrats to all Solid list. ladies code is i think my biggest surprise. aside from primary ...i have no idea who that is.
  2. RandAlThor

    Rumor Stuff is about to get real. the Lawyers want every contract looked into.

    Went with rumor cuz what teh lawyers wnat and what happens are different things, and not 100% on the site. They claim none of the previous judgements have been followed.
  3. Jewel

    News EXO's Kai Sheds Tears While Thanking Fans For Their Support Before His Unexpected Military Enlistment

    On a good note Exo-L have promised to wait for Kai's return with multiple trending tags @Exo-L @SuperM
  4. RandAlThor

    Chart SM streams I though spotify had penetrated the market deeper.

    These are really small numbers. but again rv is top...
  5. Abeamus

    News SM/Kakao puts out statement regarding Hybes withdrawal

    SM Entertainment will respect HYBE’s decision to halt its takeover of SM, as agreed upon by Kakao and HYBE. SM will use this agreement as an opportunity to push forward at full speed with our “SM 3.0” strategy that we promised to our shareholders, company members, fans, and artists; and we will...
  6. Abeamus

    Rumor Kakao plans on buying up to 35% shares of SM

    Mess Kakao reportedly plans on becoming SM Entertainment‘s largest shareholder by buying up to 35% of SM Entertainment’s shares at a price of ₩150,000 KRW (about $116 USD) per share. The price is 25% higher than the ₩120,000 KRW (about $92.40 USD) HYBE paid last month. If Kakao succeeds, it...
  7. Abeamus

    News Lee Sooman shares letter explaining his decision to work with Hybe

    To my SM family whom I love, and the many people who love SM, Ever since becoming a bushy-haired ballad singer in the 1970s, I have lived my entire life with the public. I received more than enough love as a singer and as an MC, and the singers I produced after becoming a producer have also...
  8. Jewel

    Appreciation Has anyone seen this???

    Someone also edited it :llama_laugh: @NCTzen @WayZenNi
  9. S

    News HYBE Confirms It Is Considering The Acquisition Of A Stake In SM Entertainment

    “We are continuously reviewing matters related to purchasing SM Entertainment shares…” On February 9, in response to market inquiries, HYBE confirmed it is currently looking into the purchasing shares of the company. We are continuously reviewing matters related to purchasing SM Entertainment...
  10. the101

    News Kakao becomes 2nd largest shareholder in SM Entertainment; LSM sues Well ain't this a hot mess. To catch you up on the story: LSM has been trying to share off his large shares in SM for about a year now and every time a deal falls through. Part...
  11. RandAlThor

    News SM has 5 different teams/labels ... yea this will work......

    It could happen
  12. RandAlThor

    Sales I agree with the OP never thought Super Junior had that many young fans.

    Thats impressive. left female nct acts next page.
  13. Jewel

    Teaser 2023 SuperM Teaser

  14. Jewel

    Performance 230101 SMTOWN LIVE NCT (NCT U + NCT127 + NCTDREAM + WayV + Collaboration) 무대

    @NCTzen @NCT Dream @NCT 127 @WayZenNi
  15. RandAlThor

    Appreciation Dear my Family og remastered & 2 decades of excellence

    SM is just flat insane!! Do you have a favorite? mine might be I am. 1st gen 1,2nd gen 1/2/3 1/2/3/4
  16. RandAlThor

    Rumor Got the beat same line up? cb..

    Sm is busy busy..