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  1. bangtrash

    kids at the park are weird

    I remember when a kid at the playground wanted to touch my 🍒…😟. He didn’t say he wanted to but he kept lookin at them and reaching his arm out. So I took my little sister away quickly. Don‘t play with random people at the park😃👍🏽
  2. suki

    ideas?? (writers block 😔)

    hi everyone! so. i've been feeling a little bored lately, and i want to write a fanfiction. only problem is, my creativity has literally left the chat, and i can't think of anything. normally ideas would be sprouting here and there, but no. all i can think of is, well, nothing. so that's why i...
  3. Starlight4370

    Youtube bein' a ding dong on me.

    I upload videos nothing, change photo on both accounts nothing only things that work are making comments? help pls lol
  4. omo

    more jin ling discord content

    :irenecrazy: i ain't paid enough for this more
  5. omo

    At this point I change my theme/layout every five seconds

    I'm indecisive :haylul:
  6. Chaeee

    Photo Jennie is wrecking me so bad😩

  7. SaMeilink

    MV Help finding a song

    Hey all! So, I remember really enjoying this one song, but with life and everything I forgot about it. It was a boy group, and if I remember correctly it was an actual band. The song was more in the rock or pop punk category, I think. The main idea or theme was about rape or abuse and staying...
  8. LoveYooShaSha

    Information Do any users here make gifs/signatures/dps on mobile?

    Im trying to create a gif for my new sig on my phone but im coming up with storage issues cos storage is full n i cant process the sog to save it on my phone. Do any users here use mobile apps/gfx/gif websites to make their sigs/dps/gifs? I cant go to the cyber cafe now or use my com cos its...
  9. omo

    WayV is taking over my lifeeee

  10. Starlight4370

    What ideas can I tell google assistant to do for me?

    I don't have many ideas on what to ask of it. I silly like asked for it to turn my phone off and it said it couldn't sigh lol Also can you change it's accent/voice or is it always a sheila? All advice welcome! :sanapray: @vogue @Saythename17 @Jimmychimchim @JakeyWantsCakey @Ozymandias...
  11. Mihamiha

    Appreciation Please help me get back home

    Hi everyone! I know that we are such a wonderful community and that we help each other all the time. 7 months ago I traveled to China and haven't been able to return home to my family ever since. I am jobless and I have used all my savibgs to pay rent and live here without a source of income...
  12. Neckologist

    Appreciation Re:Neck Neck Neck Neck

    These are my neck bois This is my neck boi This is other my neck boi This is, youve guessed it, also my neck boi This is my baby neck boi This is deep voice neck boi There's like 10+ other neck bois but I'm lazy stan necks
  13. kxngdvid


    Okay hi guys so i recently heard a snippet of a kpop song in one of those kpop ganes on youtube and i cant seem to find the name ... CAN YALL HELP heres the screenshot of the video
  14. Wicked

    Appreciation To Spooks: the cutest there ever was!

    Jk, my hoe ass just felt left out and I needed to shove my presence into other people's faces. You're welcome. Disclaimer: Please forgive me for my idiocy, I'm sleep deprived.
  15. RainbowDevil

    Official Important info for all users

    I've noticed that quite a few newer members as well as some veterans don't know this very helpful thread exists Who do you stan? (Taglist) It's a taglist for mostly every group out there and you can use it in your threads for news or anything related to the groups you're posting about You can...
  16. blurryface

    help me to...

    ...forget about my dream. so i saw a dream like 20 hours ago, i dont know, and it made me really really sad and made me feel weird. like- i dont know how to explain. im always thinking about it and i need to forget it. please tell me how can i forget or stop thinking about it...
  17. EXID

    Oneus fans

    So I recently got into Oneus and my friend gave me an album but I honestly have no idea who that is, I only know they aren't Ravn or Leedo. So please help :taesquish:
  18. yminsane


    Hi , would be pretty amazing if anyone participate , tell me everything , even problems ill try to solve them too hihi , fighting
  19. yeji

    Help needed :wimwim:

    Oii everybody I have been thinking alot and I really don’t know what to do :umjicry: I have been a Shawol and iconic for so long but it has been so difficult to actually listen to their songs after everything. I still love the boys but can I really call them both my ults if I don’t listen...
  20. JakeyWantsCakey

    News HELP! Some LOONA solos are unavailable in my country now!

    I'm an Apple Music user in the UK and some of the earlier LOONA solo singles aren't available in my country any more. The songs are still in my library but aren't playable and when I go to their artist page the EPs aren't even there! When I click on the songs in my library, it says that they...