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  1. Sweettooth_Sails

    AMA Panic Button

    I am so recklessly bored I actually made one off these. I am hoping it won't flop but probably will @kimsguardian @SUNSEEKER @Selfmate @Moguri I am open to all questions/great and small I am also somewhat tired another reason why I could have done this
  2. alo

    what are your nails like right now?

    mine are cut very short (i prefer them that way), and painted green
  3. GH0ST

    What’s something you’ve said/asked to a person then realized it was an oopsie?

    I once asked a Swedish person how the Swiss alps were. :face:
  4. alo

    what groups/idols do you associate me with?

    credits to all those people who did it before me!
  5. GH0ST

    Would you want to know…

    To know every language in the world OR know how to play every instrument in the world? Ah, the age old question (I’m just joking, idk how old it is 💀), personally would wanna know how to speak every language! :sanapray:
  6. alo

    give me 3 reasons to stan your faves....

    ... along with 3 reasons NOT to stolen from reddit i'll go first: fromis: reasons to stan: they've done cute concepts very very well in their careers, so if you like cute concepts they're the ones for you! the members are actually very funny, they're one of my fave ggs when it comes to...
  7. LucieBear

    Hi, I'm back

    I'm back, I forgot about this forum until I just got an email. I wonder if people i used to talk to are still on here? But hi everyone again! Not much has happened since I last came on really I got more albums and got into new groups though! Since it's been a long time since I last came on I...
  8. Discipline

    Discipline's Honesty Hour

    So, idk, I'm a little bored and a lot of users have joined, so maybe someone has some questions for me? Or want me to say something? I will be as honest as possible, ask me about honestly anything, or you can just drop in to say something, i don't mind :llama_squish: ANON
  9. Discipline

    Wait, Who am i then?

    My first, and probably last, ANON. I honestly have no idea what I'm doing, so please be easy on me and don't let this flop. You can ask me anything and I will try to answer as honestly as possible (Unless it's something that I can't answer, sorry~). If you want to just drop off some comment...