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  1. LucieBear

    Hi, I'm back

    I'm back, I forgot about this forum until I just got an email. I wonder if people i used to talk to are still on here? But hi everyone again! Not much has happened since I last came on really I got more albums and got into new groups though! Since it's been a long time since I last came on I...
  2. Discipline

    Discipline's Honesty Hour

    So, idk, I'm a little bored and a lot of users have joined, so maybe someone has some questions for me? Or want me to say something? I will be as honest as possible, ask me about honestly anything, or you can just drop in to say something, i don't mind :llama_squish: ANON
  3. Discipline

    Wait, Who am i then?

    My first, and probably last, ANON. I honestly have no idea what I'm doing, so please be easy on me and don't let this flop. You can ask me anything and I will try to answer as honestly as possible (Unless it's something that I can't answer, sorry~). If you want to just drop off some comment...