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  1. LoveYooShaSha

    Covid-19 Pandemic changes to fan meet n greets in Japan with precautions So this idol group Momoiro Revolution (pink revolution?/momoiro kakumei/桃色革命,im confused...
  2. NeoSquare

    News The Show MCs tested for coronavirus after staff member tested positive

    After the news that Yuehua staff caught the virus, Sihyeon's fellow MCs for The Show are tested too. MC's were The Boyz Juyeon and Kim Min Kyu Cre.ker has revealed that they quarantined Juyeon whilst awaiting the results. Source: Soompi
  3. FaceMcShooty

    I went to buy sugar...

    I went to buy sugar but the shelves were completely empty! Nothing else is missing, only sugar :sanathink: Sooo, is sugar the new toilet paper now?? I just want to make coffee :sadcat:
  4. blueberries

    Appreciation No need to hoard toilet paper anymore!

    Here you can calculate accurate just how much toilet paper you and your family will need: How Much Toilet Paper?! The Coronavirus Toilet Paper Calculator You can even do advanced options such as average number of wipes per toiler trip and sheets per wipe :mgblush: I will last 20 days with what...
  5. LoveYooShaSha

    News Malaysia imposes 14-day restricted movement order on whole country's starting from midnight(12:00am) Wednesday 18 March 2020 till 31 March 2020 I just woke up today n found out my country has imposed a 14-day restricted movement order from midnight on 18 March 2020 (so it starts in ard 12 hrs here/single time zone only) till...
  6. blueberries

    News Toilet paper craze- have you already stocked enough?

    Since the Corona virus outbreak, people have started to stock toilet paper to battle the virus. It is still unknown what exactly all this toilet paper will be used for and only information so far is that having year worth is essential for surviving the pandemic. People have taken desperate...
  7. maruberry

    So schools are closing in my country

    My country is.... reacting fast and big. All schools are closing. We have 27 cases of coronavirus in the country btw atm. But schools are ALL closing down for at least 2 weeks!
  8. blueberries

    News Trump suddenly bans Travel from EU to USA for month due to poor response over Corona

    Sources: Trump bans travel from Europe to the US over coronavirus Yhdysvalloissa asuva talousanalyytikko Trumpin Euroopalle asettamasta matkustuskiellosta: ”Tietää taloustaantumaa ja vaikuttaa kostolta” (finnish) Trump has suddenly banned travel from EU countries to USA starting from March 20...
  9. wayvoutsold

    I’m terrified

    The threat of a pandemic lingers in the back of my mind constantly. I don’t know who I should believe-that all of it is overplayed or that it is a real danger. Honestly, I’m terrified and I don’t know what to do.